Tenerife Map - Map of Tenerife

Tenerife Map - Below is shown a handy map of Tenerife which you can use to find your way around this popular holiday island.

Tenerife Map - Canary Islands - Spain (Map Tenerife)

Map Tenerife: Above is featured a useful road map of Tenerife which you will find handy if you are planning to visit the island in the near future. You can use the many features of this Tenerife map to find exactly what you are looking for. Use the zoom in and zoom out features to find street maps of specific resorts and destinations in Tenerife. This is a Google map of Tenerife and allows you to view it in satellite mode (little box bottom left) to see a much more interesting view of the island.

At the default zoom level you can see some of the major towns and resorts of Tenerife including the capital Santa Cruz de Tenerife. Most of the main holiday resorts are in the south around the area listed Los Cristianos.

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